Defining precision immune Medicine

Harnessing the patient’s immune system to cure cancer

What We Do

Javelin’s multidimensional approach introduces a new capability to precision immune medicine. This enables us to predict patient responses to treatment, significantly reducing the time and resources required to launch new immunotherapies.

We apply our platform both to create novel therapies in our own labs and as a service to other life sciences companies to help them advance their discovery and development of immuno-oncology therapies. Our goal is to utilize our capabilities to transform outcomes for as many patients as possible by creating effective and safe curative therapies. By making our technology available to others, we can amplify our impact. 

ABOUT US PLATFORM SERVICES R: 14G: 28B: 45 0e1c2d R: 47G: 72B: 88 2F4858 R: 91G: 197B: 121 5BC579 R: 134 G: 187 B: 216 86BBD8 R: 246 G: 249 B: 252 F6F9FC R: 255 G: 183 B: 67 FFB743 R: 232 G: 106 B: 66 E86A42 Javelin provides many options in the assessment phase. Customers pick one (or more?) option.We work on the option together inthe deployment phase. Assessment phase Deployment phase Patient / TMESelection Antigenic (molecular)Target Selection TherapeuticModality Selection Trail Patients Required for FDA Approval Unstratified (Imfinzi) Stratified (Vitrakvi) Unstratified Stratified Unstratified vs Stratified Example Stratified Drug Trail Approval date: 2019Response rate: 75% vs 19.5% Javelin Stratified Drug Trail Trail cost savings: >$64.5MTime to approval: Years shorterDev efficiency: 10x (drugs per period) 0 20 40 60 80 100 7 89 -92% 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 55 713 -92% Est. Trail Cost ($M) Unstratified vs Stratified ORR(%): Javelin Predicted vs Actual Clinical Response Rates (for all solid tumor CAR T trails with published data 2 ) 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 20 10 30 40 50 60 Javelin Predicted ORR (%) Actual ORR (%) HER2 Sarcoma GPC3 Liver EGFR Lung CEA Colon PSMA Prostate AFP Liver MSLNMesothelioma R 2 = 99.8% 1 ORR = Overall Response Rate, i.e., % of patients whose tumor mass is reduced by ≥30% 2 Excludes brain tumors or trails in which corresponding genetic data was not reported Source: Javelin,, Atara, Eureka, Prostate, Mol Therapy, SCLS, ASCO, JCO Efficacy at Various Levels of Stratification in ICI Partial stratification: +≤40% Full stratification: +45%-63% 0% Colorectal Lung Bladder Prostate Liver Mesothelioma 20% 10% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Actual ORR (%) Unstratified (ICI)Partially stratified (ICI)Fully stratified (Opportunity) 1 In this case, >90% response is not achieved, as the trails have only been stratified for targeting (e.g., tumor mutational burden or microsatellite instability) and/or, predominantly, activation (e.g., PDL-1 expression). 2 ORR = Overall Response Rate, i.e., % of patients whose tumor mass is reduced by ≥30% Source: ASCO, Lancet, Ann. Oncol., JAMA Onc, J Gas Onc. ≥90% curative Distinct patient subsetfrom Javelin patients % ORR (%) 15% 30% 45% 20% ? 60% 17% ? 63% 18% 30% 44% 11% 34% 45% 40% 50% Javelin-developed CAR T Common CAR T targets in development JAV-01T JAV-02T HER2 MSLN CEA Healthy cell expression 1. GI Tract2. Lung3. Kidney & Bladder4. Liver & Gall Bladder 1. Bone Marrow2. Muscle3. Skin4. Adipose & Soft Tissues 1. Endocrine Tissues2. Brain3. Pancreas 1. Male Tissues2. Female Tissues 1 Excluding placenta; restricts Jav-00/01 application in pregnant women. Source: Human Protein Atlas, 2019 None 11/13 5/13 4/13 None Expression Low High Repro. CNS Secondary Primary ABOUT US PLATFORM SERVICES Target Selection Therapy Selection Patient Selection SELECT Assessment phase Deployment phase Patient / TMESelection Antigenic (molecular)Target Selection TherapeuticModality Selection Target Selection Therapy Selection Patient Selection SERVICES

Our mission is to develop cures

Our team is passionate about redefining how we treat solid tumors by leveraging the body’s own immune system to generate therapies and cures that are effective but also create minimal side effects and toxicity in their application

Driving precision immunotherapy

Our multidimensional approach is enabling the biopharma industry to better predict target and treatment outcomes and design effective therapies. We believe we can have as much as a 10X impact in reducing the time and cost of getting these therapies to patients. 

Accelerate your research and development

Develop treatments faster and at dramatically reduced costs using Javelin’s transformative services and tools.