The driving force behind precision immune medicine

We aspire to utilize our experience and expertise to create REAL breakthroughs, impacts, and cures for solid tumor cancer patients

Our goal is to catalyze the development of effective precision therapies by integrating multidimensional data and sophisticated prediction methods, continuously validated by work in our own labs and then shared with others. Our team consists of mission-driven, world-class experts who share a wealth of experience advancing innovating healthcare solutions. We are here to help you accelerate the discovery process, reduce the cost of clinical trials, and develop safe and effective cures for patients with solid tumors.



Steven Yecies


Steven Yecies is an experienced CEO and venture capitalist who has spent over 20 years growing and scaling innovative health care and technology businesses. During his career he has had a leadership position in six healthcare start-ups, including two IPO’s and two that reached >$1 billion valuations. He is  currently the Founder & Managing Director of New Dimensions Health Fund and previously served as a Venture Partner at OrbiMed. He has served on numerous boards of healthcare companies. Steven holds an AB from Dartmouth, JD from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard.


Anthony Cooper

Cofounder & CSO

Anthony Cooper is the founder of Javelin and the driving force behind the technology. With significant expertise in immunology and multiple patents, he continually brings innovation to the field of precision immunotherapy. His record includes delivering >1,000 therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to pharma partners. Anthony was previously part of Adimab leadership and Director of Immunology at Exelimmune. His education includes a PhD Immunology from the University of Chicago and a postdoc from Scripps.

Jennifer Levin Carter

Acting General Manager - Services

Jennifer Levin Carter is the Acting General Manager of Services at Javelin and a pioneering leader in precision medicine. Prior to joining Javelin, she founded and led N-of-One, a precision oncology company recently acquired by Qiagen. She has worked as a biotechnology and life sciences executive and consultant, sat on the boards of several biotech companies and served as Vice President and Head of Precision Medicine at Integral Health.  Jennifer has a BS from Yale, a MD/MPH from Harvard and a MBA from MIT.


Colleen Cooper

Lead Scientist

Colleen Cooper is the Lead Scientist at Javelin. She is an expert immunologist skilled in antibody repertoire development and neutralizing antibody development. Prior to her work at Javelin, Colleen was the Principal Scientist at Celdara leading immunology efforts. Her education includes a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Chicago and a postdoc from Scripps.

Rebecca Argyros

Head, Research & Development

Rebecca Argyros is Javelin’s Head of Research and Development. She has significant scientific expertise in healthcare and life sciences fields. Rebecca was previously a Senior Scientist at Merck and Celdara Medical and studied signal transduction pathways at Dartmouth College. Her BS is in Molecular Biology and Genetics is from the University of New Hampshire. 


Shubhra Jain


Shubhra Jain is Acting Director of Business Development at Javelin. Her previous position as Principal Investor at Cota Capital, has developed her vision for driving innovation. Before that Shubhra led product for a SaaS healthcare platform at Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation.  She received her MD in India, MS from Stanford and MBA from Wharton.


Board of Directors


Jake Reder, PhD


  • CEO and Co-Founder, Celdara Medical
  • Director, New Ventures, Dartmouth Medical School
  • PI of NIH’s DRIVEN Accelerator Hub

Dan Rhodes, PhD


  • Co-Founder & CEO, Strata Oncology
  • Co-Founder & CEO, Compendia Bioscience

Eric Achtmann, MBA

  • Senior advisor to McKinsey
  • Celdara and Polytechnos VC

Dennis Langer, MD, JD

  • CEO, Neose
  • President, Dr. Reddy Labs
  • SVP, GSK Research and Development
  • Serves on Numerous Biotech Boards
  • Director Myriad Genetics

Senior Advisors

Anne Barr

Anne Barr, MBA

  • VP of Operational Information, Sutter Health
  • VP of IT, Kaiser
  • Expert in data integration, analytics and information delivery to clinicians and patients

Charles Sentmann, PHD

  • Director, Center for Synthetic Immunology
  • Prolific CAR T cell inventor
  • Allogenic CAR T pioneer

Paul Guyre, PhD

  • Co-Founder, Medarex (clinical I/O pioneer)
  • Professor of Physiology, Dartmouth
  • VP of R&D, Celdara


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