Javelin Oncology Hires Steven Yecies as Chief Executive Officer

Javelin Oncology announced today that the company has hired Steven Yecies as Chief Executive Officer. Yecies brings 30 years of experience as an accomplished senior executive, consultant, and investor in the healthcare and life sciences industry. He has been founder or part of the leadership team of seven start-ups in the space, two of which achieved unicorn status and two that executed successful IPOs. As a consultant at Scient, where he founded and managed the Healthcare business unit, he built innovative, large-scale e-health systems for national and regional governments and life sciences companies including capabilities that vastly enhanced productivity for clinical trials and drug discovery. As an investor, he has been part of three different firms where he has made over 45 investments and served on numerous boards.

Dr. Jake Reder, Chairman of the Board, stated, “We are very pleased to welcome Steve into the Javelin family. His vision and leadership are ideally matched to the unique potential of this company. Steve’s demonstrated track record, rich base of experience, passion for patients, and chemistry with the leadership team all made the decision straightforward. We all look forward to working with Steve.”

“I am very excited to lead Javelin’s efforts to create cures for solid tumor cancers among identified patients and to drive the paradigm shift in discovery and treatment to precision immune medicine,” stated Yecies. “This will have a dramatic effect both on patient’s lives as well as reshape how therapies are developed and go to market in a much more targeted, time and cost-effective manner.”

More information about Steven Yecies is on the Team page.

About Javelin Oncology

Javelin Oncology is a leader in precision immune medicine. The company has novel targeting and stratification capabilities that it is utilizing for its own proprietary efforts as well to create a services business to accelerate the science and use of precision immune medicine for others.

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